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Welcome to Cheeze Kurls-Since 1964

Our Story

Over 50 years ago, on the west side of Grand Rapids Michigan, we created a crunchy and tasty snack that we could share with our friends and family. Word quickly spread throughout the neighborhood about our cheesy creation and soon the increased demand was more than our modest kitchen could handle. It was at that point we decided to go all in, and Cheeze Kurls was born. Our goal and our passion: create a delicious, crunchy, and cheesy snack with a unique shape – and that continues to be our focus today. We hope you enjoy eating our assortment of delicious snacks as much as we enjoy making them.


Food quality and safe practices are our top priorities. We are compliant on every level with all CDC recommendations and suggestions for not only our team’s safety, but your customers as well. We have updated our quality program to include the new Bioengineered compliance for 2022. We are experienced manufacturers of Gluten Free items, Non-GMO Certified foods, Organic options, and Kosher Products. CK Snacks is SQF Level 2 Certified, so rest assured that your brand is in the best hands possible.

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